Aluminum Die Cast & CNC Machining Parts
Die cast is a kind of metal forming process that enables mass production for complicated shaped metal parts / components.
And die cast also means such parts / components produced by die cast process.
Materials used for die cast are very varied, such as alloy based on aluminum, zinc, brass, tin or magnesium.

Minimum elements of die cast process are from
-          Tool (die) specially fabricated to produce a shape of parts. A tool can produce mass of same parts in its life.
-          Furnace to melt material to be cast into tool.
-          Die cast machine to attach a tool and has function to cast molten material into the tool.
We, OS-TEC (M) SDN. BHD. currently uses only aluminum alloy to produce parts / components for customers.
ADC12, a kind of aluminum alloy is very popular for die cast worldwide.